Schnauzerfest France....

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Schnauzerfest France....

Post by Salomon » 17 Oct 2014, 20:58

Will be a quiet affair :)
We will have our usual walks in the sunshine and then go and see some friends with dogs....just so our 2 are not left out.

We shall of course be making a donation.

Have loads of fun this weekend. Its for a great cause :)

And Gaspard says he doesnt like liver cake anyway.........

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Re: Schnauzerfest France....

Post by Dawnspell » 17 Oct 2014, 21:14

Schnauzerfest Guernsey will also be a bit short on schnauzers, just the one :)) but he will be active with other friends at agility and a play with Teddy in the afternoon who will eat anything going =))

I'm sure you'll all have a great time. Don't forget the photos for us less fortunate ones :-bd
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Re: Schnauzerfest France....

Post by squidgy100 » 17 Oct 2014, 21:30

I think I'm gonna join in....having my own schnauzerfest in horsforth.....the boys have put paid to me not quite achieving supermum 2014 by being in 2 places at the same time!!! I have donated plus will defrost some liver cake for the occasion [WINKING FACE]

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Re: Schnauzerfest France....

Post by Donald » 19 Oct 2014, 06:49

Salomon wrote:
And Gaspard says he doesnt like liver cake anyway.........
Turbo was the same at first. He actually spat out his first bit of liver cake. Which the other three all dived for. But within an hour he'd fallen in love with the pocket with liver cake in it.