A poem for Schnauzerfest!

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A poem for Schnauzerfest!

Post by AB2012 » 18 Oct 2014, 08:11

I have written a poem about the generosity of people and their love for their dogs and this cause.


One weekend in October
the bearded ones arose.
Peered out from under eyebrows
and licked a shiny nose

The humans seemed more full of joy.
There were extra special kisses
planted upon furry heads
as a symbol of their wishes.

The simple wish of everyone,
the uniting common aim:
was to raise money on a walk
for the less fortunate to gain.

Those doggies, abandoned angels
who have never known the touch
of a person who loves them,
who've been forced to suffer so much.

Dogs from puppy farm prisons
are given a second chance.
For them there was only sadness,
now their hearts might learn to dance.

The plan had come together
with DBARC at its heart
Schnauzers across the land
went walking to take part.

The partnership of giving
called Schnauzerfest began.
Their owners all donated;
the dogs walked, zoomed and ran.

So much love for our furry friends
is shining out today.
Compassion, sweet human nature-
The Schnauzerfest way!

Xxxxx Annabel and Alfie xxxxx
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Re: A poem for Schnauzerfest!

Post by stacyr » 18 Oct 2014, 08:14

I just read that on the Facebook page. What lovely words, I think that really says it all :-)
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Re: A poem for Schnauzerfest!

Post by milosark2 » 18 Oct 2014, 08:28

:-bd :-bd :-bd great poem :)