Huge THANK YOU from DBARC!!!

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Huge THANK YOU from DBARC!!!

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When we at DBARC heard that you lovely lovely Schnauzer folk had chosen to donate to us this year, we were delighted, and felt truly honoured. When we saw the target was £2000, we did think that was very ambitious, but as we saw the total climb, we dared to hope it might be reached. Caring for the animals at DBARC soaks up money like a huge sponge, so an amount like that would make a big difference to us. But oh my goodness - just look at your total now!! More than THREE TIMES the target! It is quite incredible, and the result of huge effort and wonderful generousity from so many people. It's a phenomenal result. We hope everyone involved is feeling immensely proud of themselves, so many people participating in so many different ways, and achieving so much. And having a wonderful time with their Schnauzers and Honorary Schnauzers in the process! We are totally overwhelmed, and can only say a massive thank you to everyone, and give you our grateful, humble promise that through your efforts and support, DBARC will be able to help many more animals to have happy lives.
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Re: Huge THANK YOU from DBARC!!!

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We felt so proud to be part of such a good cause and it has been quite overwhelming at just how big it all got with so many kind and generous people and so many furkids attending :ymhug: :ymhug: :ymhug:
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Re: Huge THANK YOU from DBARC!!!

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It's been a great outcome all round - so many dogs had a fab time over the weekend, people got to meet new and old friends and of course then there's the big thing, the MONEY. Incredible amount.
From the smallest contributions to the largest and not just monetary have all played a part in the collective effort.
There's a lot of good people around :D
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Re: Huge THANK YOU from DBARC!!!

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Hear hear!
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