Short groom

Grooming is an important part of looking after your Schnauzer. Regular grooming will help keep your Schnauzer healthy and comfortable and you will spot potential problems early. Whether you decide to clip or strip your Schnauzer, help is on hand. Schnauzers are generally a non-shedding breed and will require a fair amount of grooming to get rid of dead hair.
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Short groom

Post by ChrisG44 »

I have two miniature schnauzers Eddie and Leo. I have been using the same groomers from day one but I was a bit upset when they came back from their last grooming session because they had been scalped!!! On several occasions my groomers have advised me to try and keep on top of grooming to reduce matting problems. I do try my very best but they hate being groomed which makes the task very labour intensive and difficult. On this last occasion they both had matted coats and I informed the groomer of this problem and asked her to try and do the best that they could but if it meant that they had to trim them a bit shorter to get rid of the matts then I would have to accept it. When they came back they were both nearly bald!!! What upset me the most was my eldest Eddie was beardless!!!! he currently does not look like a schnauzer. My youngest Leo does still have his beard but has been shaved all over the rest of his body including his fluffy legs. My main concern is Eddies Beard ..... please someone reassure me that it will grow back because after 2 weeks it still doesn't seem to be growing back. I love my boys so much and they are beautiful to me whatever but I am hoping that he is not going to be beardless for life and that it will grow back??!!


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Re: Short groom

Post by zeta1454 »

Hi Christine - welcome to the Forum :-)

Eddie and Leo look adorable in your first picture and still fine boys in the second of course.

It can be difficult for groomers who are working to a schedule to spend time (especially with reluctant dogs) teasing out mats in fur and almost all are likely to just shave everything off. It is a shock when your beautiful schnauzers lose their distinctive beards for sure. However, all hair will regrow in time so don't worry too much although beard hair may take a bit longer than the jacket.

Maybe see if you can begin again getting the boys used to grooming while they are so closely cut. If you can gradually build up to the point where they allow you to go through their furnishings and beards without making a great fuss, you will be able to keep them good for the next time they need to go to the groomers...or even get to the point where you can keep on top of it yourself. All dogs and schnauzers in particular can be very resistant to grooming when they know they have a knot or mat in their fur and sometimes, depending where it is, it can be easier to cut it out carefully with scissors than trying to comb through it. A "tangle teaser" is useful and if you get the boys used to it when they don't have a mat they may be a bit more accepting when they have. Using a good conditioner on the leg hair can also help and (when it grows back) keeping the leg hair longer is actually better for avoiding knots forming than if it is too short. Lots of very short sessions of grooming and checking for knots / mats every day may be better to start with and build up to a reasonable time over months.

Please don't fret though as I am sure Eddie (and Leo) will get back the lovely beards :-)
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Re: Short groom

Post by mikegoodson1 »

Oh my gosh Christine, I would be super unhappy about that. Considering how much we pay to have our pooches groomed and even though we are not experienced/confident etc enough to groom them ourselves, we still care about how good they look (I'm always brushing my two with a tangle teaser, as much as they hate it).

I always make a point of saying to our groomer "leave their beards alone", it's become a standing joke now, as soon as they seem me they say, "we will not touch their beards".....….they will grow back so don't worry but something I have noticed, like humans I guess, is that the growth rate is different for different dogs.

I would certainly complain to the groomer and explain you are not happy that their beards were removed and that they were cut extra short, they need to know this otherwise you may have the same problem next time around.

My two were at the groomers on Saturday, here are before and afters:



Saying all that, Eddie and Leo are a pair of handsome Schnauzers, before and after their grooming experience :)

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Re: Short groom

Post by Oscar 12345 »

Hi there, 2 lovely schnauzers there. I don't mean to sound harsh here but I would never hand my schnauzer over to a groomer with mats in it's coat. Mats mean they are very likely to pull on his hair/skin and hurt him, they are very sensitive in some areas and it does hurt. Lots of mats mean that your boys are going to have a horrid time and hate going to a groomer and hate anything associated with being groomed generally. Just one tiny knot in the leg hair can really hurt unless you hold the hair at the skin to avoid pulling and a third party groomer doesn't have the time to patiently do it sensitively. So to help your dogs and keep the coat smart you do need to do a little every day. Start very slowly, just a minute or so at a time but build up to a goal of 10 mins/dog/day. First time might be pop one on the table move your hands all over the coat, treat and off again. That's all it will take, getting longer and doing more each groom. As the coat is very short at the moment it will be really really easy. You need a table for them to stand on, same time every day if possible so it is a part of their daily routine. A good brush all over to start with to loosen any easy to remove knots and then go through the whole coat with a metal comb. Remember to do under the arms, don't miss any hair and make sure the comb is going right through to the skin. Very important of course is the reward for standing on the table and being groomed. Treat a little and often and It is a really good idea for them to be able to see the treats, keeps them very focused. High value stuff is great but also if you do it before dinner time you can show them their dinner and feed them bits of their dinner whilst grooming, whatever works to hold their attention. If you do it right they will love to get on the table to be groomed because they know they get exciting tit bits. Just for information, I use a pin brush, some people use a slicker brush and a metal comb with two sizes of gap for the teeth. The hair will grow back and this grooming as highlighted above will stimulate blood to the roots and help the coat grow quicker. You owe this to your lovely boys and you will enjoy it, it is wonderful bonding time.... and your groomer will love you for it too. Good luck.
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Re: Short groom

Post by schnauzer »

Welcome to you & your two boys, lucky you having two I would love two but we not getting any younger. Now have my second Gino who is 2.5yrs got him to ease the pain when I lost my first MS a girl. Yes matts & tuggies are a nightmare, both of mine have hated being groomed but as others have advised I just work on them so that hopefully he is tug free when he goes to the groomer which is tomorrow can’t wait as starting to look scruffy.

Enjoy the forum from another Christine
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