need puppy food info

Need help or advice on feeding your Schnauzer, whether it be kibble or treats, you'll find the information here. There is food reviews, recipes, remedies for poorly tummies and a wealth of feeding knowledge from your fellow Schnauzer owner. We cover BARF in a separate section.
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need puppy food info

Post by Pahermit »

Wont get my pup till April and researching the best food to keep him healthy.I am in the us and it seems that when i look for wet foods its canned foods and in the
UK wet foods seem to mean fresh meat,am i reading things wrong.I would have no problem making his food from scratch like i did with my previous dogs.But i never gave my dogs raw meat i cooked it and added fresh veggies.Is it wrong to give raw meat? What about kibble ,do i stay from it? What would be the ideal diet for a pup to keep him healthy.
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Re: need puppy food info

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Have a look at this website for different foods. Its all personal choice. Mine has a mix of all sorts. Personally though unless you know all about nutrient levels required I wouldnt feed homecooked to a puppy. When they are adult you can get away with feeding 50% commercial and 50% homecooked without having to worry too much about it being nutritionally balanced.
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Re: need puppy food info

Post by zeta1454 »

I think that even in the U.K. ‘wet’ food for dogs usually means pouches or cans of cooked dog food. Raw food for dogs is generally described as just that ‘raw’. In the U.K. there are many small raw dog food companies that not only offer raw meat in different forms such as chunky cuts or minced meat as well as raw bones for chewing but often also offer more ‘complete’ or nutritionally balanced mixes of minced or chunky meat with added vegetables /oils / fruit / herbs etc. For anyone new to raw feeding or wanting a quicker way of preparing their dog’s meals these are a good option as they avoid worrying too much about whether your dog is getting a range of essential nutrients for good health. In the U.K. these raw meats /meals are sold frozen in containers for defrosting at home. There may be similar products available in the USA too?

Having fed our dogs on raw for over 14 years I wouldn’t choose to feed differently now. We did feed our first three miniature schnauzers on kibble but converted then to raw when we got our first affenpinscher who would only eat raw. The affen is still going strong at nearly 15 years old and has not had any health issues in that time.

However, you do need to find a food that is convenient for you as well as good for your dog so have a browse of the options available in your locality from the link in the post above. Kibble is a highly processed food with the nutrients added in after production as they are destroyed in the manufacturing process and brands of kibble vary considerably in terms of the quality of the ingredients. Whatever type of food you choose I would be looking for high meat/fish content (around 70-80%) and little or no grains /cereals. If you do decide on a processed food then try to add some fresh food to your dog’s meals too as fresh food is going to make a great deal of difference both to the enjoyment of the meal and the health of your dog :)
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