Flying with your dog

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Flying with your dog

Post by dungareejo »

Has anybody flown their dog (crated & in cargo hold) out on a long-haul flight (c 12 hours)? This is not for a holiday but a 3-yr work relocation. He will be 12.5 years & is in current good health but i can’t face putting him through what I imagine is a very stressful situation. Flying Seems dreadful but want to know for sure. Option to find him a new foster home equally heart-breaking… family member who could take him is possibly too old. Haven’t a Plan C yet! Any ideas gratefully received. Getting out of relocating not possible!
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Re: Flying with your dog

Post by robsdogs102 »

I was in a similar situation you were a few years ago! I was relocating from NZ to the UK and couldn't bear the thought of something going wrong for my little Ozzy :o3 I used a specialist service to help me (IIRC it was and they really helped me out with the process and Ozzy was happy throughout the flight
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