Looking to Breed

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Looking to Breed

Post by JonnyMotion »

We're looking to breed our dog Coco but realistically we only want to keep one puppy and we have never bred a dog before. Does anyone know or heard of breeders agreeing take in a dog to do the breeding and puppy care part?

Part of the reason we want to do something like this is we want the best for Coco and her puppies and worried we do something wrong

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Looking to Breed

Post by zeta1454 »

Hi Jonathan - I know you mentioned breeding from Coco previously and I did put up some information on that post to explain what you would need if you were considering this.

However, you have really already answered your own query as regards embarking on breeding as, if you do want the best for Coco you would not breed from her. Breeding does run the risk of the bitch dying either during whelping or in the weeks after if she develops eclampsia. A knowledgeable and experienced breeder is more likely to know how to deal with an emergency situation but anyone breeding can suffer the trauma of puppies dying and the loss of the mother and this is a pointless risk to take with a loved pet dog. No reputable breeder would undertake to take in a bitch in the circumstances you describe as they will have fully health tested and well bred dogs of their own to breed from and raise puppies.

I appreciate that, like many pet owners of a loved dog you may like the idea of having a puppy from Coco, but you would be far better going back to Coco’s breeder and asking to be put on a waiting list for a puppy (possibly from the same or a related breeding) than contemplating risking Coco’s well-being by trying to breed from her.

Do have a read through the information on this link which explains in more detail what you should be thinking about if you are contemplating breeding and why it is a bad idea to randomly breed from a pet dog without knowledge and experience:

https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/dog-br ... om-my-dog/

If you have a good relationship with Coco’s breeder, I am sure that s/he will be able to help you obtain another lovely puppy as a companion for Coco and yourselves. Many breeders do repeat matings or breed on from daughters of a quality bitch so you could well get a puppy that is related to Coco in any event. However, even if this is not an option, do look for a puppy from a responsible, ethical breeder for your next dog rather than thinking about breeding Coco. There are many posts and information on the Forum regarding finding a good breeder and also on the Kennel Club website (link above).
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