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Notifications / Subscribing to topics

Post by Dinkum »

I put these handy guide together in case someone wants to set up notifications on topics or subscribing as it's known in the forum world. By default, I have it switched off so as not to unnecessarily overload the servers.

As a starting point, we need to understand the different levels of the forum. There are four main ones. At the top level there is the Board with its sub-sections. In our case an example of sub-sections would be 'Welcome' or 'Discussion Threads'. Below the Board level is the forums. In the 'Welcome' sub-section, there is the 'New Members' forum. In 'Discussion Threads' there is the Giant, Standard and Miniature forums. Within each of these forums, you can create unique topics and you will be the Original Poster or Opening Poster (OP). Your opening post to your new topic is the first post in the Topic. Others can then post replies.

There are a number of ways to receive notifications or to subscribe to a forum or topic.

Firstly, you can automatically subscribe to the topics that you have started or that you have contributed to. To do this, you need to go to your User Control Panel (UCP). You will find the link at the top left hand corner below the Forum Logo and Board Index (Red Arrow 1). All your settings for using the board are here. Once you are in your UCP, you need to navigate the tabs at the top. Navigate to Board Preferences (Red Arrow 2). Select the 2nd option down ' Edit Posting Preferences' once you are on board preferences (Red Arrow 3). You can now decide whether you want to get notifications for each new post that is made to topics that you have posted to or started. Simply select Yes or No on the last line, 'Notify me of replies by default' (Red Arrow 4). When you activate this feature, you will receive an email every time someone replies to a topic that you started or where you made a post (contribution). You will only receive an email when you are not logged in.
UCP_Auto Subscribe.png
Subscribing to a forum
You may have a particular interest in the General Chit-Chat forum and want to know every time someone starts a new topic or posts a reply to someone elses' topic. You can set this up quite easily and you will get a notification every time someone starts a new topic or replies to a topic within that forum. When you are in a sub-section of the board, you will see a list of all the forums contained within that sub-section. General Chit Chat falls under the Discussion Threads. If you clicked through to the General Chit Chat forum, you will see all the topics listed by age that have been started in this forum. If you then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list of topics, you will see a list of icons arranged along the bottom. There is one entitled 'Subscribe Forum'. By clicking on this icon you, you will subscribe to the forum and receive an email every time a new topic is started or someone posts to an existing topic. I subscribe to 'Forum Help and Assistance' and I get an email every time someone starts a new topic or replies to an old one.
Subscribe forum.png
Subscribing to a particular topic is identical to subscribing to a forum as explained above. At the bottom of each page that contains posts, you will see a link called 'Subscribe topic'. It does exactly the same thing as 'Subscribe Forum' above.

Managing your subscriptions.
If you want to stop subscribing to a forum or a topic, you can go back to the bottom of the page (as described above) and click on the link that says 'Unsubscribe Forum' or 'Unsubscribe Topic'. This for both manual and automatic subscribes.

To see all your subscriptions, visit your User Control Panel (UCP) again. Under the Overview tab, you will see the 2nd item down is 'Manage Subscriptions' Clicking on it will list all the forums, topics and posts you have subscribed to. You can tick the box to the right and then click on 'Unwatch' at the bottom to stop receiving notifications.

Please note: You will only receive email notifications when you are not logged in or inactive on the board.
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