Dogs in 1915

Pictures of all our other pet family or friends and help and advice on photographing our Schnauzers.
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Dogs in 1915

Post by 5_o_clock_tea »

Found this interesting link:

It is amazing to see the evolution of breeds over time, and most of them have put on a lot of weight (look at the English bulldog now and then)! Aside from the longer beard, the standard schnauzer looks very similar to what it was a century ago. :o3
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Re: Dogs in 1915

Post by Donald »

Thanks for the link!

An interesting read.

Didn't have any giant schnauzers in it though :(
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Re: Dogs in 1915

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That's fascinating to see. Can't help but wonder how they'll look like a hundred years from now.
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Re: Dogs in 1915

Post by jacdales »

That was very interesting. The welsh terrier and the scottish (shetland) look nothing like todays dogs. Have you ever see a corded poodle ? I loved the poem at the end
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