Neutering, when?

Looking after the health and welfare of your Schnauzer can be a full time job. You will find information on neutering, spaying, vaccinations, vet visits, upset tummies, Schnauzer bumps and much more here. Ask a question and someone will have had a similar experience. We also appreciate updates on how your Schnauzer is recuperating. A separate section is dedicated to our older Schnauzers.
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Neutering, when?

Post by mgcaekdb » 09 May 2018, 10:07

Hello everyone, I am brand new to this forum and have had my first Mini Schnauzer for about a month now. I know this topic has been discussed at length and I have read a lot of information on this board that says to not neuter at the norm of 6 months, what I haven't heard is when is the right time? I have read about growth plates and maturity but when does that occur? Our mini is about 4 and a half months old and we were planning to get him done at 6 months. The vet we go to recommended going ahead and getting it done at 4 months. We had read about the norm of 6 months and that was the plan until we started reading this information on here and other places. Our mini has started humping things already, including my 4 year old son when he is on the ground playing. This is unacceptable to us but I have heard that neutering will not 100% stop that behavior, just maybe curve it a a little. I would like some recommendations on when is a good time or age. We have no plans to breed him at all and want him to be very social as we have a lot of friends with dogs we spend time with. Thank you all in advance for any information you could help with.

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Re: Neutering, when?

Post by zeta1454 » 09 May 2018, 15:04

Hi Mark and welcome to the Forum :)

From our experience and research regarding neutering, we would not recommend (unless for serious health issues) that a dog or bitch is neutered before maturity which is generally not before a year old but could be later in certain breeds. It is not only the growth plates which are significant but also the mental maturity of the dog and behavioural issues can be made worse in some dogs especially if neutering occurs too young.

The humping behaviour you mention is not always sexually motivated in dogs and both male and females do "hump" on occasion especially when young / adolescent but will almost always grow out of it as they mature. Uncastrated male dogs may also hump if they scent a bitch in season so it is more an issue on going with those who own both male and female dogs when neither are neutered.

With your puppy it is almost certainly his age as his hormones are surging! Diverting him to play with a tug toy or trying to involve him in training exercises are a better way to stop this behaviour or, if necessary, a "timeout" in a playpen.

There are a couple of links here re neutering with more information including suggested ages for the operation if you do decide to go ahead:" onclick=";return false; ... -decision/" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Neutering, when?

Post by mikegoodson1 » 09 May 2018, 15:42

Hi Mark,

Just thought I would offer my opinion as there are sure to be plenty ;) but please bear in mind these are our experiences, not yours. Some people here have been humans to many Schnauzers so have plenty of experience but something I learned early doors here, is that everyone is super helpful and knowledgeable but because of that, there are quite a few differing opinions. All you can do is listen to the advice then formulate your own path based on what you believe is best for you and your puppy.

We had Oscar neutered between 5-6 months old. He had a hernia which our vet warned us to keep an eye on, when we first took him to our vet at 8 weeks old. They advised that for a smaller dog (like a MS) that they could be neutered at around the 5-6 month old mark. I'm sure people here will have different views on that but we took the vets advice as we didn't want Oscar to be negatively impacted by his hernia.

In the end, the hernia and neutering happened at the same time.

Before the operation Oscar had started humping things but not excessively. Since the operation he has been fine, although very occasionally he will pull his giraffe toy under him and almost try to hump it but then forget what he is supposed to do (this happens maybe 2 or 3 times every couple of months). I would not say he isn't mature because we had him neutered at that age. I guess I have not really noticed any change in him pre-op to post-op although it's possible some people will say this is because he has not matured :)

He is now over 2.5 years old.

We also have a girl puppy who is 7 months old but for her, after listening to advice on the forum, we plan to let her have her first season, then wait three months after it's finished before we have her spayed (rather than having her spayed before a season).

Good luck with whatever you decide but you already made the best decision - bringing a miniature Schnauzer into your home :D

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Re: Neutering, when?

Post by schnauzer » 09 May 2018, 16:08

My boy is a year old today, he was neutered on 16th February. He never humped but did mark twice once in my friends house on his second visit and the other when I took him into the local pet shop. Since being neutered he hasn't attempted to mark anywhere, so we are lucky. My Vet was happy to do it at 9 months when he was having a puppy tooth out that didn't get pushed out. He was back to normal within 48 hours, didn't need the cone of shame but did have a Babygro on just during the night, in case he should lick his wound but I'm sure he would of managed as he never bothered during the day.

My last girl was spayed at a year old after her first season (10 months) , now she did hump when she was a puppy, & she could 'wee' for Britain on a walk, also I had to watch her if she visited the local pet shop as she would lift her leg, yes lift her leg. She didn't need the cone of shame either and we didn't know about the Babygro back in 2002. Took it all in her stride & back to normal within 24 hours.

Again the above is just my experience.
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