New babies

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New babies

Post by Bgmusick9118 » 08 Jul 2018, 02:16

Can someone please tell me when and if my babies coats will change any. Ie: lighten/darken... I’m not a breeder and i don’t really know a whole lot about these babies as I’m fairly new to the schnauzers.. my white schnauzer Dozer and his mate Penelope salt and Pepper Parti have had some beautiful babies but i don’t know how to classify their colors!!! Help!!

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Re: New babies

Post by Dawnspell » 08 Jul 2018, 10:39

Hi Photos of pups would help, we just love puppy photos really.
I'm guessing you are in US as parti colours aren't very common in UK,

Whites generally stay white unless stripped when they can change to a wheaten colour. The other colours generally maintain the colour they are if stripped but if clipped will change to the colour of the undercoat. Which is more often then not lighter. Hope that helps.
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Re: New babies

Post by zeta1454 » 08 Jul 2018, 12:39

Why do you need to classify the colours?
I would just enjoy watching the puppies develop and not worry about their coats. When two pure bred dogs of the same colour are mated it is usually much easier to predict or identify colouring but with a blend of colours as you describe it is almost impossible.

If you are wanting to know the colour in order to register the puppies with the American Kennel Club, I imagine you will find that they just have a "catch all" description for non-standard colours as does the UK Kennel Club something to the effect of "colour not recognised" so no need to worry about trying to work out a description. If you want to know for advertising the pups for sale, I would just describe the parent's colouring as you have above.

As Dawnspell says, colours can change quite radically even in adulthood depending on whether a dog is stripped or clipped so I would just wait and see how the puppies' coats develop as they mature :-)
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