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Post by TheCaptain » 12 Aug 2018, 17:43

Hi, so after a number of years of stomach pain, my mini has been diagnosed with pancreatitis and inflammable bowel disease. I have him on a low fat raw diet now but it still flares up every 2 months, anyone have any suggestions? Vet last time mentioned a regular medication and I will explore that this week. Just wondered if anyone else has tried anything?

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Re: Pancreatitis

Post by Oscar 12345 » 12 Aug 2018, 18:06

Andy, so sorry to hear that. I have heard that a raw diet is good for pancreatitis. Hopefully someone on here can help. How old is Oakley?
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Re: Pancreatitis

Post by Robin black mini » 12 Aug 2018, 19:29

My ST poodle girl had IBD all her life,with recurrent diarrhea and bloody stools..we kept a diary to pin point her flares with any dietary triggers..we had a biopsy done ( when she was spayed) which did reveal ,in her case ,certain bacteria were problematic..helicobacter and proteus..the former living deep in the stomach villi crypts ..the latter a really high resistant strain..
We used to give enterogermina a probiotic regularly,and Zantak or ranitidine to help her stomach...
We tested her immune system too,with the a n a test.lshe had issues with intolerance to her own gut bacteria..
Flagyl would be given low dose,long term to suppress her flares..
I worked in close connection with my vet as this never really resolved butwe did enable her to be functioning..
She also had other issues low thyroid ,for example,which once medicated,also saw her IBD improve..
I would be advised by a vet who has experience with IBD and the causes of pancreatis and IBD are many.

We did find the hills I d food helped but the dog hated it,so in the end we home cooked a bland low fat diet,which suited her better.

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Re: Pancreatitis

Post by zeta1454 » 12 Aug 2018, 21:02

So sorry to hear about Oakley's digestive issues. I have no experience of pancreatitis or IBD with our dogs but I have used Tree Barks powder for minor digestive problems and this supplement can be used for more serious complaints too. It is a gentle natural supplement that can be used alongside medication if need be. There is more information on this link: ... -and-cats/

As Jo says there are so many causes for digestive problems that it is probably best to be guided by your vet as to medication if needed. I hope you can find something to ease the pain for Oakley.
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