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First Name: Kirsty
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Post by Kirsty »


Thought I'd drop by and say hi as I am new to forum (stubbled across it when googling lots of questions and thought I'd join).

I am Kirsty and I have a black Miniature Schnauzer puppy coming to join my family on 29th September 😬

He will be called Rodney (my partner is a HUGE fan of Only Fools and Horses)

A pick below of my lovely fella.

I have never owned a mini schnauzer, or any Schnauzer for that matter so looking forward to learning lots about the breed! Any tips greatly received :)



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Re: Hello!

Post by mikegoodson1 »

Welcome Kirsty and what a lovely looking boy Rodney looks. You will not be disappointed you chose a Miniature Schnauzer, they are a great breed, full of character :)

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Re: Hello!

Post by zeta1454 »

Welcome Kirsty and Rodney :-)
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Re: Hello!

Post by Oscar 12345 »

Welcome Kirsty to the mad world that is schnauzer ownership... and your pupster is gorgeous...
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Re: Hello!

Post by schnauzer »

Hi Kirsty & Rodney, welcome to Schnauzer world, having a Schnauzer in your life will open up a whole new world to you. Enjoy your gorgeous puppy as they grow so fast.
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