Did I get scammed?

The Miniature Schnauzer is a smallest dog in the Schnauzer breed and originated in the mid-to-late 19th Century from Germany. The Miniature Schnauzer is a cross between the Standard Schnauzer and other smaller breeds such as the Poodle. A miniature Schnauzer is a spunky, but aloof dog who does things their own way. They tend to be good guard dogs without the tendency to bite.
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Did I get scammed?

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I recently got a miniature schnauzer that was born on August 9th but the pictures of other 12 week old miniature schnauzers do not look like mine. Does this look like a schnauzer to you guys?

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Re: Did I get scammed?

Post by zeta1454 »

Hi Eric and welcome to the Forum :-)

It is not easy to tell from just a photo sometimes with puppies especially if they still have the "puppy fluff" as to their specific breed.

Did you get your puppy from a reputable breeder and did you get the pedigree papers with him/her? Did you see the mother and was your puppy microchipped before you brought him/her home? Did you get a Contract of Sale when you collected your puppy?

If you are really concerned that your puppy may not be a miniature schnauzer, the most accurate way to tell will be a DNA test but you may not want to go down that route? If you did have DNA proof that your puppy was not the breed you were told, and / or you have been given fake registration papers, fake pedigree etc. and have a contract to show you were misled, you could take court action against the seller. I am assuming you live in the UK but, if not, I don't know the legal situation elsewhere.

Whether or not the seller of your puppy has misled you, it may be better to put what has happened down to experience and love and care for the little one just the same. A similar situation happened to a family relative and they have much joy with their little dog even though she is not from the parentage or breed they were told (as confirmed by DNA test).

Of course, as your puppy grows s/he may begin to look more like the schnauzer you were expecting especially once s/he has had her schnauzer grooming :-) There are a variety of dogs sold as miniature schnauzers whose origins may not be quite "pure" and whose size and appearance vary considerably but all are wonderful companions and just want to be loved and cared for as one of the family.
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