White Mini needing a home - can anyone help

The Miniature Schnauzer is a smallest dog in the Schnauzer breed and originated in the mid-to-late 19th Century from Germany. The Miniature Schnauzer is a cross between the Standard Schnauzer and other smaller breeds such as the Poodle. A miniature Schnauzer is a spunky, but aloof dog who does things their own way. They tend to be good guard dogs without the tendency to bite.
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White Mini needing a home - can anyone help

Post by AmandaN » 18 Nov 2019, 19:11

Hi everyone,

I haven't been on here for a while but someone gave me this advert today and I was quite worried when I read it. Looks like she might be living outside from the way it's worded. Is anyone interested in helping this girlie?

One of mine is lame at the moment so not ideal; I was hoping someone might be interested in her?

Here's the link:
https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classified ... wport.html
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Re: White Mini needing a home - can anyone help

Post by Oscar 12345 » 19 Nov 2019, 09:53

Poor girl. There is a schnauzer rescue that takes on pets like this, assesses then rehomes properly. I can't remember their name. Maybe Leigh can help but if not you could post on one of the other schnauzer facebook groups like Mad about Schnauzers as I am sure it has been mentioned there.
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Re: White Mini needing a home - can anyone help

Post by zeta1454 » 19 Nov 2019, 18:09

Such a sad situation. There are a variety of Facebook schnauzer groups so a link could be put on those but there is always a risk with sharing adverts for dogs that they may end up being bought up by people who do not have the dog's best interests at heart. Generally speaking I would advise anyone wanting to surrender a schnauzer for rehoming (if it is not possible for the breeder to take the dog back) to approach the Schnauzer Club rescues but, as this is an advert wanting to sell the dog, I am not sure the breed rescues are likely to be able to help. It would be interesting though to know whether the mini schnauzer girl's breeder is aware this person is trying to sell her on as I know of other situations where disreputable people have tried to sell on puppies / dogs that they are contractually obliged to give back to the breeder if they cannot keep them.

As with all online adverts of this kind, it is impossible to know how much truth is in the tale told as a reason for selling. Had the breeder included an endorsement in the contract of sale this would undoubtedly have come with conditions if there was any likelihood of the mini girl being bred. Health tests such as eye testing are likely to have been one such condition and that the sire used was healthy, eye tested and of reputable breeding etc. Had the Contract been breached by the breeder, the advertiser could have sued and, as she did not and as she does not mention health testing etc. in her advert, the assumption is that she has not bothered to have the eye screening carried out and just randomly bred the poor little dog purely for financial gain. Now that the pups cannot be registered, she is prepared to sell on the mini schnauzer (not return her to her breeder as she should do) still not spayed so she could be used by some other unscrupulous individual for breeding purposes.

It really is heartbreaking how callous some people can be.
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