Pancreatitis - mini schnauzer

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Pancreatitis - mini schnauzer

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Hi everyone,

First post! I've just joined this forum on a suggestion from a colleague, my 1yo bitch Mollie has been poorly for 6 weeks off and on, the vet mentioned pancreatitis and when I looked into it more, I'm now convinced it is. I cant bear the thought of her in pain, and just wanted to reach out to other owners with similar situations for support, we don't have an official diagnosis yet.
Clair & Mol x

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Re: Pancreatitis - mini schnauzer

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Hello Clair and welcome to the Forum :-)

I am sorry to hear that your Mollie has been unwell for so long. It is important to have a correct diagnosis after tests at the vet surgery as the symptoms of pancreatitis are common to other conditions and you don't want to get really worried if it is actually something less serious. Even if it does turn out to be pancreatitis, there are dietary changes and other things that can be done which often alleviate the condition in otherwise healthy dogs.

Do check the Board Index for topics regarding pancreatitis as some Forum members have experienced this in the past with their mini schnauzers but try not to worry and wait for a definite diagnosis from the vet. There is some more information on the condition on this link: ... n_dogs.pdf
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Re: Pancreatitis - mini schnauzer

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Clair, so sorry to hear that Mollie is unwell and hope that she starts to feel well again soon. If you are researching pancreatitis then another good source of information to consider is the Canine Pancreatitis facebook group as there are many many owners on there with dogs that are suffering from that awful disease and it is really informative.
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