Potty training in an apartment / flat

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Potty training in an apartment / flat

Post by Lauralouandernietoo »

Hi all!

I’m new here. We collected our fur baby, Ernie, almost a week ago (so almost 9 weeks old now) and we love him so much.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice for potty training in apartments and some tips. We live in a flat (2nd floor) and have a couple of communal garden areas he can go, but not quite so easy to get him down in time every potty visit. We immediately started him on pads and he has taken to them and more or less takes himself to the toilet every time with some encouragement which has been great (we’ve had some accidents but it’s expected). Problem is I can’t start outdoor potty training yet as he hasn’t had his 2nd course of vaccines and we have other dogs in the building and a lot of foxes in the area so don’t want to put Ernie at risk. I’m just wondering does anyone have any tips to integrate pads as well as outdoors so he can do either and/or both.

We’re not crating him. He currently has the kitchen and we have gated it off. So he is safely confided with pads during the night and when having ‘quiet time’. Is this ok? The breeder who we got Ernie from advised against crate training and said their teeth can get stuck on the bars and be painful/stressful for them.

Another issue, he’s crying in the night. The first night he cried which is expected as he probably missed his mum and sisters, he stopped after the 2nd, 3rd and 4th night but he’s started it up again tonight. I’m wondering if it’s because I didn’t tire him out before bedtime tonight.

I am a new dog owner and I know routine is key, I just feel bad and worried I’m doing something wrong.

My husband is wondering if he’s too young for strict training (when I say strict we are training ‘positively’ and do not punish him) but I’ve always thought the earlier you start training the better it is.

If anyone has any advice I’d appreciate.

I’ve posted a pic of lil Ernie so you can see him. X


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Re: Potty training in an apartment / flat

Post by zeta1454 »

Welcome to the Forum :-)

Ernie looks very sweet. I will put up a more detailed reply to your questions but do have a browse through the topics on the Board Index which may also help. I will just say that you are absolutely right that routine is key and it is never too early to start training your puppy using positive methods.

I will post more later :-)
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