Is a GS right for us?

The Giant Schnauzer is an example of working breed of dog and has a dense, coarse coat that protects them against the elements and vermin. The Giant Schnauzer is the largest of the three breeds.
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Is a GS right for us?

Post by kelv1990 »

Hi my name Kelvin and I have been interested in a giant schnauzer for along time now. I have done a lot of research but thought I would ask real owns on there opinion. So here goes..

We currently have two working cocker spaniels (what are amazing) and I would love for a giant schnauzer to join our family. Do you think the size comparison would cause a problem.

If I was to get a GS it wouldn't be till the middle of this year at the earliest and I understand they are very active dogs witch I love as we are very active also. But is 3 dogs to much dog lol

Thanks indvance

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Re: Is a GS right for us?

Post by zeta1454 »

Hi Kelvin and welcome to the Forum :)

Do have a browse through some of the topics in the Giant Schnauzer section of the Board Index (if you haven't done already) as questions about this breed are often posted from people who are thinking of getting a GS and with useful advice from those who own them. They are certainly more challenging in many ways than a mini schnauzer.

I would also recommend (again if you haven't already) going along to Discover Dogs or any championship show where Giant Schnauzers are being exhibited to speak face to face with breeders and owners about the joys and challenges of living with a GS. There will be a Discover Dogs section at Crufts in March which would be worth attending.

Of itself, size should not matter. I know people who have mini schnauzers and a GS and who have toy breed dogs with Irish wolfhounds and Pyrenean dogs and all get on just fine. As with a new puppy of any breed, you will need to research the breeders thoroughly, talk to them in detail about their dogs, health, breeding, etc. Be sure that, if you do decide to get a puppy, that the breeder is able to advise fully on health testing done or required, how they are raising the pups to be self confident and resilient dogs and that they are committed to supporting you with advice if and when needed throughout the lifetime of the pup you adopt. The early breeding environment is vital as is the reassurance that all relevant health tests have been carried out on parent dogs. Full details of health test requirements for the breed are available on the Giant Schnauzer Club website and the Kennel Club website.

Hopefully some Forum members with experience of the breed will be able to add to the general points with more specific help for you re owning a GS...I have no personal experience with them but as we have eleven dogs I don't think three is too many =))
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