Need advice on sleep training+

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Need advice on sleep training+

Post by Gemma »

Hello everyone. My name is Jana and I am a new mom to the beautiful girl Gemma. We just got her few days ago, but having the problems with the sleeping time. Our breeder suggested to crate train her and we are trying but obviously doing something wrong. When she shown that she is tired and ready to sleep, we put he in the crate. And she won`t let me go. She would not let me close the crate either. We were told that we should let her bark till she is tired, but it` s not working, she is going on already 45 minutes. my heart is broken, I feel so sorry for her, but I haven`t sleep for 3 night now and going nuts.

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Re: Need advice on sleep training+

Post by zeta1454 »

Hi Jana,
Many puppies find it hard to settle when they first go to a new home and are separated from their Mum and siblings and, if they have been used to snuggling with them at night it can be a big shock to be suddenly alone especially if they have not been introduced to a crate at the breeder's home before leaving.

Do you have a playpen set up for Gemma or a sectioned off area where she can rest during the day when you are not playing /training her? If so, I would have the crate in there with the door open so she can get used to the idea of the crate as a safe den rather than as a cage she is periodically shut into. Have a warm blanket or bed inside and maybe a safe chew item and cover it except for the door so it is darker inside. Dogs need to be warm, undisturbed by light and sounds if possible and feeling relaxed and sleepy if they are to settle quickly.

You need to establish a routine (if you have not done so already) from the moment Gemma gets up - outside to toilet, having her first meal of the day, outside again to toilet....through regular play / training and rest sessions up to the evening to toilet and bed. With our pups we give them a tiny treat to go to bed and found they quickly went into the crate and waited for the door to be closed and the treat given out. Some people find it works well to have the crate in the bedroom or just outside initially so their puppy can smell and hear they are close to their humans and gradually move the crate as they grow older and more settled at night.

You could try using a diffuser with a relaxing scent such as lavender essential oil in the evening near Gemma's crate or a plug-in Adaptil:

Gemma does need to be tired before she goes to bed but not overtired so try to keep her active in the early part of the evening with training or a brain challenging toy (such as a Nina Ottosson toy ) but not too much excitement which may stop her relaxing.

There is some useful information on this link too regarding settling in / training a new puppy in the family: ... -8-9-weeks

Although it may be exhausting and frustrating at times with a new puppy when things don't seem to be working out as expected, this is really common and not unlike the demands on new parents with a baby. Gemma is a baby of a different species who is trying to work out what is expected of her in her new home and, given love, care and gentle training, she will learn and things will improve :)

Check out some of the topics in the Board Index on puppies and I am sure you will find others who have found the early weeks and months with a new puppy challenging but it does get better and you will have a wonderful canine companion for years to come.
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