Loyalty Shift

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Loyalty Shift

Post by Black_Velvet » 03 Feb 2020, 01:43

I am sooooooooo sad right now. My "Velvet" is the light of my life since she came into my life 6 years ago. She has always been so obedient and happy and loving. But a few weeks ago she disowned me. Wants nothing to do with me. She is defiant, refuses to come when I call her. Doesn't want to cuddle or show any affection with me. When the 2 of us are home alone she gets as far away from me as she can. I am heart broken. Has this ever happened to any of you??


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Re: Loyalty Shift

Post by zeta1454 » 03 Feb 2020, 07:35

Hi Angela and welcome to the Forum.

Did anything at all happen a few weeks ago that may have affected Velvet? Any changes in her routine, something different in the house, any event or person / other animal visiting or coming to stay? Were there any vet visits at that time, did she have any medication or other treatment? Is she in pain?

If there are no reasons however remote that you think may have triggered this odd change in behaviour, I would take Velvet to the vet for a check up as it could be that she is in pain or something is making her feel so uncomfortable that she doesn't feel able to get close to you. If this also draws a blank, I would maybe see if you can find a qualified pet behaviourist who may be able to assess Velvet in consultation with you as to what may be going on.

These are all just suggestions as I have never experienced this with our dogs although I have known dogs in pain to withdraw into themselves and be unwilling to get close and not want to participate in their usual activities but it is quickly resolved when they are no longer unwell.
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Re: Loyalty Shift

Post by Oscar 12345 » 03 Feb 2020, 10:44

Hi Angela, how very odd and I am sure it must hurt when the behaviour is so different to what you are used to. To add to Leigh's comments, Is she acting normally with anyone else, other family members? If so I would be somewhat encouraged from a health perspective. I did google your problem and there does seem to be quite a bit of experience of this behaviour without any answers though. Hope you don't find anything untoward and if she gets an all clear from the vet I guess the answer is to give her the space she wants, do interesting things near her and wait for her to show you how much she loves you.
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Re: Loyalty Shift

Post by Dawnspell » 03 Feb 2020, 10:56

From another angle I've heard of rare cases when the owner has been ill and the dog can "smell" the illness and stays away, or change of perfume,deodorant, shampoo. They can be very sensitive to things we don't even think about.
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