Socialising with other dogs very nervous

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Socialising with other dogs very nervous

Post by annieh77 » 16 Jun 2020, 19:17

Hi everyone

I've just joined the forum. Have a 15 week old girl MS Rosie. She lives with a 2.5 year old labrador. Her first walks out to the park were with her sister and she loved it. Appeared friendly and confident with otger dogs. I then took her to the same park on her own and she was so nervous it took me ages to just get her inside the park. She would stop every time a dog appeared in the distance and was trying to jump up my legs and whimpered some of the time. I don't want to push her into anything so the next few times we stopped and played in the graveyard outside the park. Just wondered is the nervousNess common with mini schnauzer? She hasn't had any bad experiences with dogs. Any advice much appreciated. Thankyou Annie :)

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Re: Socialising with other dogs very nervous

Post by Oscar 12345 » 17 Jun 2020, 10:11

Hi Annie, it can be common. Otto was a freeze and plonk bum down kind of nervous, he wouldn't walk so you have done much better than we did. You are right to let her do her own thing, nice rewards all the way, reassure constantly. Be as relaxed as you can be as they do pick up any sign of nervousness from you and it does sound like you need to try and take on the role of the Labrador when walking. Don't let it put you off going out, particularly alone, the more you expose in the right way the more confident she will be, so anywhere with dogs in the distance and children is good experience. Another piece of advice I would give which I really wish I had done with Otto was to keep in touch with siblings and organise play dates with them again not pushing anything if she doesn't want to engage at first.
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Re: Socialising with other dogs very nervous

Post by Schnauzer Sam » 17 Jun 2020, 22:32

Hi Annie,

I have a mini who is nearly 3 called Rosie who is very nervous of other dogs and people other than the 4 of us who live with her.

It's a very slow work in progress but I can now walk another dog with my pair without stressing her out though she doesn't interact, and she will tolerate other dogs coming in to our garden and house.

People coming in sets both dogs off but I think that's reasonably common with all schnauzers and they soon quieten down. Rosie even lets them move around now without grumbling ;)

You are doing the right thing, keep her distracted and play with her so she knows that you're comfortable with the situation. Try and find others near you with similar aged or similar sized dogs to play with for a few minutes to help her. I believe that schnauzers know their breed and are more accepting of each other so Julie's suggestion is a good one. I've been on a number of schnauzer walks with up to 20 dogs and I've never seen any aggression (just a little bit of annoyance at unwanted humping) =))
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