Standard Schnauzer Puppy

The Standard Schnauzer is a working or utility dog and is the original breed of the three sizes. Standard Schnauzers are generally a robust, squarely built, medium-sized dog with aristocratic bearings.
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Standard Schnauzer Puppy

Post by RoseHunter » 21 Jun 2020, 18:04

Well with three weeks left until i get my puppy I realised I have a few more questions.

One is how big are standard schnauzer puppies, I know how big they get as adults but I do need to know roughly what size the puppy will be to make sure I get a suitable puppy collar for her.

Two, bit silly but what should I expect from a standard schnauzer puppies, I know all pups are different but would like to hear the experience of others when they got their standard or any size schnauzer puppies.

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Re: Standard Schnauzer Puppy

Post by zeta1454 » 22 Jun 2020, 09:14

Regarding a collar size for puppies, it can be useful initially to get an adjustable collar without eyelets which is more adaptable as the puppy grows. This is the kind we have used in the past for pups when they are young: ... cm-size-1/

You may need to check with your puppy's breeder the likely size as these collars come in 3 different sizes and it may be that a larger size than 1 is best. The breeder should have a good idea of the approximate size from her/ his other pups.

Have a browse through the topics in the Puppy section of the Board Index for lots of information on bringing up puppies and I am sure your pup's breeder should be able to give you lots of advice too.

Puppies are demanding on time and attention when you first bring one into your home but the more effort you put into raising them well, the easier it is going forward into adolescence and adulthood. There are a couple of helpful free downloads on this site too:

House training, chewing, nipping, exercise are all issues which you need to be thinking about and there are many posts on these on the Forum. Puppies need a routine with meals, toileting outside, play sessions, rest times, bed time on a set schedule to make life easier for you and them. It is really important to allow plenty of rest times throughout the day in the early weeks of settling in a puppy as an over tired puppy is most likely to nip, demand attention, and generally misbehave!

A playpen and crate are essentials in my view - a playpen to keep the puppy safe when you cannot be watching him/her and a crate for sleeping at night and/or through the day. Using a crate as a safe space for a puppy to rest can be really useful in a number of situations - a hotel/ holiday cottage ; a vet surgery ; when travelling in the car etc. There is also the possibility that at some time in the future a dog may need overnight vet care or total rest from exercise due to injury and although no-one wants to imagine these things, if anything of this kind happens and a dog has never been used to confinement, the stress to the dog can be very high and distressing for the family too.

I am sure you will find lots more useful advice offered by other Forum members as well as some from standard schnauzer families - we have only had minis who are not as challenging as a standard!
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Re: Standard Schnauzer Puppy

Post by Oscar 12345 » 22 Jun 2020, 10:37

Hi there, well 3 weeks to read, read and read even more. There are some great books and facebook groups available to you. Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey is good. The Other End of the Leash by Janet Finlay is really good, not a puppy book but I know I wish I had read it before I got my mini, it's all about what you are doing and need to consider. There is a dog training advice and support facebook group with loads of resources for every training issue you can possibly imagine. Having had a very challenging mini and knowing that standards can be very challenging I do wish you the best. Keep in contact with sibling owners as play dates with appropriate size same breed will be incredibly important to ensure the right socialisation. Research the best training class you can find and take a look at it first without your pup to make sure it is led by qualified experienced trainers who only adopt positive methods. Good luck and please do send photos, we can't get enough of schnauzer images on here.
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