Shave a Schnauzer Legs

Grooming is an important part of looking after your Schnauzer. Regular grooming will help keep your Schnauzer healthy and comfortable and you will spot potential problems early. Whether you decide to clip or strip your Schnauzer, help is on hand. Schnauzers are generally a non-shedding breed and will require a fair amount of grooming to get rid of dead hair.
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Shave a Schnauzer Legs

Post by RedChico25 » 27 Jun 2020, 00:41

Hi! I’m new here, I have a 2 years old black mini schnauzer name Chico.
Until is first year he had a satisfactory leg fur, and until 6 months ago he had a very good groomer, then his groomer became unavailable and suggested another one and was awful. Since then Chico legs fur gets worsened.
I would like to know if there is anything I can do to improve is legs fur.
I just had shave all its legs hopping that fur will came better then before.
What are your experiences and opinions about that ?

Thanks !

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Re: Shave a Schnauzer Legs

Post by Oscar 12345 » 27 Jun 2020, 10:26

Hi Silvia, not sure what unsatisfactory leg hair looks like, do you have a photo?.... I am guessing Chico has very fine hair on his legs?? My suggestion would be that you let it grow and have the groomer cut the length with thinning scissors, a small bit at a time, this means that a large chunk of hair isn't cut at exactly the same length and in time the hair should look become and look thicker. Regular combing the leg hair helps improve circulation also and will promote healthier hair.
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