Magic, our new rescue

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Magic, our new rescue

Post by Melonie »



This is Magic, he’s an ex breeders dog, he’s always lived in a kennel. We picked him up on Saturday he’s settling in slowly, it’s going to be a long transition for him.
He’s the 7th giant I have rescued over the years.

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Re: Magic, our new rescue

Post by zeta1454 »

Welcome to the Forum :)
Magic looks a very handsome dog and hopefully he will be able to enjoy many happy years with you now with the best of love and care.
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Re: Magic, our new rescue

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How wonderful, a rescued giant. Hope he settles in well and I suspect that his name has a special meaning for Leigh too.
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Re: Magic, our new rescue

Post by Dawnspell »

He's gorgoeus :x
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Re: Magic, our new rescue

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What a gorgeous giant! Congrats on your rescue! Looking forward to hearing all about him and how the transition to home life goes. How exciting!

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