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Feeding my 5 month old schnauzer

Posted: 22 Apr 2022, 19:42
by Mylos mom
Mylo weighs 12 lbs at 5 months old. Mom weighs 14, dad weighs 18. Is this a good weight?
What food would u suggest?

Re: Feeding my 5 month old schnauzer

Posted: 23 Apr 2022, 18:00
by zeta1454
Hi Maria - Milo’s weight sounds fine for his age. Male mini schnauzers are a little larger and heavier than the females as you have said with Mylo’s parents.

We feed all our dogs on raw food - mostly meat with some added veg / fruit / fish etc. I would recommend raw feeding for dogs but it may depend how easy it is for you to get prepared raw meals for dogs where you live if you have not fed raw before.

Whatever food you give should be primarily meat / fish and with little or no cereals added. What are you feeding currently?

There is a link here to a U.K. dog food comparison website with information on a variety of brands and types of food for dogs:

There is also a U.S website with recommendations on dog foods: ... uppy-food/

Re: Feeding my 5 month old schnauzer

Posted: 24 Apr 2022, 17:13
by Mylos mom
The breeder had him on purpose balance. I have stayed with it so far. Have used royal canin in the past

Re: Feeding my 5 month old schnauzer

Posted: 24 Apr 2022, 19:18
by zeta1454
I have not heard of purpose balance food so could not comment on that but I would avoid Royal Canin dog food as it is poor quality at a high price. The company is owned by Mars the confectionery multinational and profit is definitely ahead of welfare and nutrition where their products are concerned.

If you have a look at the ingredients of any brand of dog food you should be able to recognise the descriptions as being from fresh named meat or fish with some vegetables as the main or only ingredients - no vague ‘meat meal’ or ‘meat derivatives’ etc. The less processed the food the better it will be for the dog, as with humans, and less likely to cause health issues - skin problems, obesity and digestive issues can all be related to diet.

Re: Feeding my 5 month old schnauzer

Posted: 26 Apr 2022, 15:32
by Schnauzerluv
Seems like a good weight, our Ozzy was 12lbs at 4 months old. He is now 19lbs full grown.