Sapphires Journey

If your Schnauzer is Best in Show at the county fair or CRUFTS, share it with all of us. You will find show listings along with results from the various dog shows around the country. You will more than likely spot a few members in the show ring.
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Re: Sapphires Journey

Post by miniforme »

Just thought that i would pop on here that sapphire came 2nd today in her class at Crufts.... well done dannie and sapphire... :-bd
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Re: Sapphires Journey

Post by Maty »

Well done Dannie and Sapphire :-bd

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Re: Sapphires Journey

Post by AB2012 »

Fantastic result, Dannie and Sapphire! (*)
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Re: Sapphires Journey

Post by Tulip »

Well done, she's been a star since a puppy.
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Re: Sapphires Journey

Post by Claire Farrington »

Congratulations Dannie & Sapphire, well deserved and a big class xxx
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Re: Sapphires Journey

Post by dannie_kl »

lol at lisa, thank you, its a bit late i know but first time ive been here in ages
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